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THE WOLF AND THE STORK. Jean de La Fontaine

The Wolf and the Stork. Ernest Henri Griset (1844–1907)

The Wolf and the Stork. Ernest Henri Griset (1844–1907)

Wolves are too prone to play the glutton.
One, at a certain feast, ′tis said,
Fell with such fury on his mutton,
He gave himself quite up for dead,
For in his throat a bone stuck fast.
A Stork, by special stroke of luck,
As he stood speechless, came at last.
He beckoned, and she ran to aid,
No whit afraid.
A surgeon, and a very friend in need,
She drew the bone out. For the cure she′d made
She simply asked her fee.
"Fie!" said the Wolf, "you jeer at me,
My worthy gossip. Only see:
What! is it not enough that, sound and safe,
You drew your neck back from my gullet,
My pretty pullet?
You are ungrateful. Now, then, go;
Beware, another time, my blow."

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